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Major Land Resource Area 070C

Central New Mexico Highlands

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MLRA 70C is a high elevation portion of central New Mexico that is the convergence of four major physiographic provinces: Basin and Range, Southern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and Colorado Plateau. As such, it contains parts or characteristics of each, although tectonically, as a region, it is the easternmost extent of the Basin and Range Province and, more specifically, a structural expression of the Rio Grande Rift. It consists mostly of rangeland with some forested areas associated with numerous disconnected mountain ranges, such as the Guadalupe, Sacramento, and Manzano Mountains. Other major physiographic features include the Galisteo Basin of the enclosed Estancia Basin, the structural Chupadera and Glorieta Mesas, and the piedmonts of the Buchanan and Guadalupe Mesas. This MLRA is approximately 12 million acres.

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