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Ecological site GX070A01X002

Clayey Uplands

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T1A - Prolonged Period of Stress on Ecosystem
T1B - T1B Plowing and Soil Disturbance: The mechanical disturbance of the soil surface.
R2A - Grassland Restoration
T2A - Mechanical Disturbance of Soil Surface Through Plowing or Vehicle Traffic.
R3A - Restoration of Shortgrass Prairie Ecosystem
R3B - Restoration of Shortgrass Prairie Ecosystem
P-2.1A - Shrubs, sod-bound blue grama, low seral grasses, and annual forbs. Broom Snakeweed-Fringed Sage-Blue Grama-Threeawn-Ring Muhly with Annual Forbs
P-2.2A - Shrub Reestablishment

State 3 submodel, plant communities