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Jornada Basin

U.S. ecological site groups

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This catalog features ecosystem dynamics of the United States by ecoregion. Ecoregions are subdivided into classes known as ecological site groups, and separate models of ecosystem dynamics are developed for each class. Models are used to characterize ecosystem dynamics occurring at the site (land unit) scale, with an emphasis on natural and semi-natural ecosystems. Models may be a generalization of those developed by the Natural Resources Conservation Service and its partners for individual ecological sites.

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    To learn more about a particular ecological site group, first select a Major Land Resource Area using the list, map, photos, briefcase, or quick search option located on this page.
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    Select an ecological site group

    Next, select an ecological site group associated with the Major Land Resource Area of interest. Keys, descriptions, and images are available to help determine an appropriate ecological site group.
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    Explore the ecological site group description

    Finally, learn more about the selected ecological site group and its characteristic dynamics by browsing the ecological site group description and exploring alternative state and transition model formats.